Client Stories:

I have a lot of opportunity, and it’s more than I expected, a lot more than I expected, so I’m pretty happy about that. It would be a good change into a field, a new field, which I’m interested in around Blockchain. So it’s something that I hadn’t expected to achieve in such a short period of time in doing this coaching with [Dennis.]

Matt R.

For me, it’s always been easier to talk to somebody else about your problems than going to the person that you really need to be talking to. But with what I’ve accomplished here, it’s help me to work and do that better with my wife. And that’s what I’ve been wanting to be able to do. And she’s on board for a lot, and understands a lot more stuff now too…. …And we’re starting to mesh. We’re starting to mesh, a lot better. A lot better. And I’m really happy about that.

Steven M.

I didn’t think I could actually be successful with it... So what working with Man-Up! has done has helped me start to turn the table and build small successes over time. Kinda breaking things down. Holding me accountable to- “What do you need to do this week?”

Luke B.

So this process now… I did take that leap of faith, I did take stock in that programming you put into us…. And now I’m on a program that is working…. But I’ve see the benefits now…. In general just positive mental attitude along with the other programming… It’s made me into a more can do attitude, look on the opportunistic, optimistic side. And it stopped that analytical… the worry, the anxiety… and it was that leap of faith.

Matt B.