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Helping Men
Live Optimal Lives
for Nearly a Decade.

What Is

What Exactly Is Man-UP! Life Coaching?


You're A Guy Driven To Live A Successful Life

But do you find that, no matter how hard you try, the life you desire remains just out of your reach?

  • Has life kicked the self-confidence out of you and you want it back?

  • Are you stuck in a job that's going nowhere?

  • Is your dating life in a rut with all the wrong women?

  • Is your marriage in trouble or just need a little spice?

  • Is it time to ditch the "dad-bod" and get back into shape?

  • Do you need help getting your business idea off the ground?

  • Are you craving a philosophical or spiritual adventure?



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Are You Reading from a Failure Script?

DISCOVER the 7 Pitfalls that Lead Success-Driven Men to FAILURE


What is a BRO COACH®?

  • I created this service for men like myself who want the benefits of therapy but prefer something less formal than the clinical model.

  • A life-long student of the human condition, I understand the jams that guys get into, and have an arsenal of tools to get them unstuck.

  • I have built my unique coaching system over 30+ years of working with hundreds of men. I work with guys from around the world, and from all walks of life.

  • My system has an extremely high success rate, because I address the root cause of my client’s challenges, which we tackle persistently and head-on.


Get Unstuck!

  • Hi, I'm Faisal. I came through Man-UP! Life Coaching as a client.

  • I was literally at my lowest, and this system proved its value almost immediately.

  • Along the way, I got to a familiar sticking point, only this time — with a coach’s help — I broke through.

  • I have become a coach to offer guys the same support in their transformative journeys as my coach offered me.

  • This system works, but also your coach has to be genuine. As someone living his truth, I can help you find yours.


You're One Move Away From Transforming Your Life...


Self-Judgment is the root of the challenges we ultimately face in life as men.

As men, we feel the pressure to perform, provide, and succeed. But you're never given the chance to stop for a moment to figure things out or put a game-plan together for your life. And the pressures are coming at you from everywhere. Girlfriends/wives, co-workers/career, parents/kids, money problems... it seems like everyone needs you, and you can never get ahead.

I get it.

Right now you are in what we call "Survival Mode." It's that time when you're working twice as hard just to keep it together. But for all that effort you're stuck or worse, going backwards. Trust me, you're not alone in this.


The good news is that there are proven strategies and actions you can take that will put your life in order.


That's where I come in. I help guys put a strategy in place that will first get them unstuck, and then on to that next level in life.


If you're ready to explore this further, then click the red button and schedule your complimentary 1-on-1 strategy session with me today.

The System

The Man-UP! Life Coaching System

This system is based on science-backed methodologies for restructuring the brain's cognitive functions. We target four primary processing centers which, when balanced, create the foundation for optimal personal success.

  • Problem Solving

    Learn how to assess stressful situations, and solve local problems without losing global focus. Develop the foresight to know how to choose your battles, and when to walk away.

  • Discipline & Routine

    Become more organized in your daily, weekly, and monthly routines: hit the gym, maintain your diet, and stay ahead of personal planning.

  • Creativity & Mindfulness

    Develop meditative practices which will unlock your deeper creative potential, but also will help you achieve perpetual calm in your daily life.

  • Validation & Confidence

    Conquer fear and judgment through an introspective process guaranteed to strengthen social relationships, and bolster self-confidence in high-risk scenarios.


Take It From Some of My Guys, The BRO COACH® Approach Works!

Client Stories:

I have a lot of opportunity, and it’s more than I expected, a lot more than I expected, so I’m pretty happy about that. It would be a good change into a field, which I’m interested in around Blockchain. So it’s something that I hadn’t expected to achieve in such a short period of time in doing this coaching with [Dennis.]

Matthew R.

Brent E.

Coming in, I wasn't in a great place and I wasn't happy with who I was or where I was going... ...So we've been working together for six months now and since then my confidence is higher... and just from having that confidence I'm able to nurture relationships more. I'm able to like, take care of me. I'm taken care of so now I can take care of other things around me.

Torey B.

I think this is far more effective than counseling, just from a personal perspective. I think this gives a level of realism that's outside of the box, which is something I appreciate.... There's a level of vulnerability that you can have and scratch beneath the surface and go deeper on a lot of these things and especially just on topics for all things guys, and different perspectives, you know whether you're married, single, divorced whatever...  This is just a great place, and a great space, and a great relationship to communicate on things that I think a lot of men today are hesitant to talk about. 


It All Starts With A Strategy Session

I am so confident in the Man-UP! Life Coaching system's ability to help guys solve issues and get to the next level in life, that I'm willing to solve a problem for you for free.

It starts with a quick phone consultation. The goal of this call is to focus on an urgent or ongoing challenge that you're facing. In this call, you will receive a solution to your current issue -- which is why it's called a Strategy Session.

All of my guys will tell you that they walked away from this initial call with a new sense of hope and direction. By experience, I can tell you that it's all about the first 10 minutes. If it's a good fit we move forward. If not, you still come away with value; as we are absolutely going to solve a problem in this call.

Now for the Man-UP! part....

  1. Click the button

  2. Fill out an easy application

  3. Schedule your free Strategy Session

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