Man-UP! Monthly: Beginner Gains

As in weightlifting, sometimes in life coaching guys get super fast results in just the first few weeks or months.

And that means, as life coaches for men, we sometimes have to pull guys back down to earth––at least for a little while. But as long as guys are willing to put in the work, we’re going to help them get off the ground and––more importantly––make sure they stay there.New stuff from the MULC admin pipeline:

-New Video: How to SELL ***ANYTHING*** and Still RESPECT Yourself
-New MULC Interview: Self-Discipline vs the “Poor-me” Script
-New MULC Interview: The Relationship Between Music and Spirituality
-New MULC Interview: Breaking Down the Ego and Rebuilding
-Reminder: Man-UP! Monthlies are now viewable on the MULC website

Peace-MULC Admin

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