Man-UP! Monthly: Door is Open!

Hey Guys,

The Man-UP! Life Coaching admin team is hard at work creating reminders that our door is open. We’re on YouTubeInstagram, Telegram, and now Quora.

Like MAN-UP Man, sometimes guys just need a reminder that there’s always an open door. As life coaches for men, part of our job is showing guys more options, more doors. What’s behind door number three? Only one way to find out.

New stuff from the MULC admin pipeline:

-New Video: HEY MAN: Feeling Stuck in a Relationship? Let’s Fix it.
-New Video: Communication in a Digital World — How Video is Reshaping Our Social Dynamics.
-Man-UP! Monthlies and MAN-UP Man episodes are now viewable on the MULC website 
Dennis’s first post on Quora


-MULC Admin

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