Man-UP! Monthly: We Help; not Self Help.

Hey Guys,

We don’t do “self-help” at Man-UP! Life Coaching. Our philosophy is we help. Even MAN-UP Man needed some help, which is why we wrote him a giant floating life coach head to guide him.

We get a lot of guys who have “tried everything.” If you’re a client then you know what I’m talking about. For non-clients, think about us when you’re feeling jaded about self-help books. 

We’re life coaches for men––we know what we’re doing. So you can think about getting your own giant floating life coach head.

Plenty of new stuff from the MULC administrative pipeline:

-New Video: The Practical Brilliance of Counting Your Blessings
-New Video: How to Strengthen Your Spiritual Foundation
-Dennis posted a picture from a 400+ mile ride he did with a client


-MULC Admin

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