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Man the F*ck UP.

I'm talking to you. You know who you are. Here's some tough love for you bro: Life doesn't owe you anything. You mad? Then quit.

You sad? Deal with it. I've given you the tools. You knew what this was when you signed on. This business is called Man-UP! Life Coaching for a reason. You want kid gloves? Go hit up my friend Sabrina Cadini. She's lovely. She'll be very gentle with you. But here we make MEN, and IRON sharpens IRON.

Stop making excuses and start making moves. If you do, you're a winner. If you don't, you're a loser. Period.

You hired a coach who has LITERALLY (and I mean literally) died, been revived, and is here to not only tell you the story, but to TRAIN you -- just as I've trained my coaches, and countless successful clients over the years -- to overcome weakness of mind and spirit, and to embrace life in the present. You're here because men need men to teach them how to be men. That's how this works.  You want results? You have the tools. Use them. Don't complicate it. Submit to the process and stop fighting. You're not a victim. Shut the fuck up, MAN the fuck up, and DO. YOUR. JOB.

That's it.


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