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Luke B.

I didn’t think I could actually be successful with this. What working with Man-Up! has done is help me start to turn the tables and build small successes over time. Kinda breaking things down, holding me accountable to “What do you need to do this week?”

Torey B.

I think this is far more effective than counseling, just from a personal perspective. I think this gives a level of realism that's outside of the box, which is you know, something that I certainly appreciate.... This is just a great place, and a great space, and a great relationship to communicate on things that I think a lot of men today are hesitant to talk about.

Brent E.

Coming in, I wasn't in a great place and I wasn't happy with who I was or where I was going... ...So we've been working together for six months now and since then my confidence is higher... and just from having that confidence I'm able to nurture relationships more. I'm able to like, take care of me. I'm taken care of so now I can take care of other things around me.

Matt R.

I now have a lot of opportunity, and it’s more than I expected, a lot more than I expected, so I’m pretty happy about that. I've had a good change in a new field which I’m interested in, around Blockchain. It’s something that I hadn’t expected to achieve in such a short period of time in doing this coaching.

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