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The Undisciplined Man is a Weak Man.

Ask any man to choose between strength or weakness, and he will choose strength. How is strength developed? Through discipline. Where does discipline come from? It is the result of training. We practice discipline. What does this mean exactly, "practicing discipline?" It means establishing protocols designed to achieve optimal results with respect to your goals, and then executing these protocols with rigid specificity. My experience with discipline is simple: some men will, and some men won't. That's it. There is no gray area. Those who will – meaning those who make it their will to achieve a desired result at all costs – eventually do. They don't start off by saying "I can", because the truth is that they often can't, at least not yet anyway, due to a lack of familiarity. The technique isn't there. The muscle memory isn't there. The neural pathways aren't there. All that's there is their willingness to trust the process and grit their way through the failures, and through the emotions that come with them. These men put their heads down and say "I will". And then they try, and they try, and they try, and they try, until they finally begin to see some progress. This progress is often slow, and the massive effort combined with the slow results can be a mindfuck. You have to man-up and grind through it. Later, they will look back and say "now I can", but only because they've put in the time, the reps, and have learned to manage their fear of failure, and everything that failure has meant for them. The second group is of course those who won't. They are pathetic. They are abhorrent. They make excuses. They whine. They cry. They blame. They slink around trying to obfuscate the simple and obvious truth that they are weak, lazy, fearful, and faithless. They perceive their failures as everyone else's fault. They are entitled, and feel that those who have what they do not are in some way indebted to them. They are envious. They are hateful of themselves and others. They are untrustworthy. They want strength, but refuse to work for it. They give up easily. They have emotional tantrums. They lie, cheat, and steal. They are energy vampires. They quite literally suck. They are not assets, they are liabilities. They are cowards. And to be sure, while they may be male by birth, they are not men. You are here at Man-UP! Life Coaching because you want to change something in your life. To do so you will need a plan. Your coach will help you with that. As discussed, you will need to practice discipline. Again, this means making the choice that you WILL train until you get results. And yes, you will need grit. You develop this by pressing forward with your training no matter how deep you have to dig, being mechanical in the execution of your protocols, falling down, getting up, being stubborn in your pursuits, but also being patient, accepting failures with grace, learning from your mistakes, and NEVER – under any circumstance – considering quitting an option. This is how men are made. Make the choice now. In this moment. Am I a man? If the answer is yes, then make a plan, execute it with discipline, and don't stop until you've crossed the finish line. Oh, and by the way..... there is no finish line. That's the real man-up part.


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